When we lost our Corgi, Rascal to lymphoma a year ago, our
5-year-old Shih Tzu Bandit had just lost an eye a week
before.  Although he is a calm, independent dog, we were
worried about him being lonely.  After several months of
letting him settle in to life as the only dog in the house, we
decided that it would be better for him to have a playmate.  
Because Sandy is a friend of a family member, I felt confident
in the recommendation I received for her as a Maltese and
Shih Tzu breeder.  Upon meeting her and her sister Bobbie, I
was completely satisfied that any dog I would buy from them
would be very healthy and perfect for our family.

It wasn't long before we met and fell in love with "Yoyo," who
we renamed Khloe!  She was the only girl in a litter of three,
and checks every item in our criteria.  Sandy has been very
present in our at-home care.  She really is interested in what
happens to "her" puppies.  She has conferred with me over the
phone about food and playtime with Bandit and the rest of the
family.  I know she wants Khloe to be a great fit for us just as
much as we do, and she is always concerned about the health of
her puppies.  She is so happy for us that Bandit and Khloe get
along so well, and Khloe is fitting into our routine like she has
always been here and is perfectly happy doing what we want
her to do.
Your puppies are by far the best quality pups
we have ever met!  
We are NOT breeders - we are absolute dog
Our dogs are our babies and like any parent we
want the best for them.  
We are so happy and grateful meeting you - a
real quality breeder and a true dog lover!!!
Keep up the great work!!!

Kee & Paul - Wyoming
Our first vet visit was a huge success!  He complimented me not
only on how beautiful Khloe is, but also on her temperament,
health and strength.  Unlike Bandit's first visit, Khloe had no ear
mites or parasites coming home from the kennel, because Sandy
lets her puppies share her home a few weeks before they go
home to their families.  Potty training, too, has been very
successful so far because Khloe was introduced to the litter box
as soon as she was able to find it.

We just could not be more thankful to Sandy for the great start
she gave our beautiful new girl.  During both visits to her house,
she was always busy interacting with the puppies, and it was
delightful to see how they responded to her maternal behavior!  
Whenever she became face-level with them, they would all come
running to the sound of her voice, and she returned their little
puppy kisses as fiercely as they were giving them.  For anyone
looking for the best-quality Maltese and Shih Tzu puppies, a
better-run and more loving puppy starter-mama you will never
find.  Doggone Puppies is simply THE BEST.

The Cusumano Family,
Humans and Shih Tzus
Please let everyone know about your experience at DogGonePuppies.  
You can email your comments to:
Thank you so much!
Just have to say, these are the best babies in the world. My precious
Can't stress enough how grateful I am that we found DogGonePuppies.
I thank God everyday for her and DogGonePuppies.
He is such a cute, good boy.
This was right after he got
groomed this week.
We hope you are doing well and that you enjoy the picture of Charlie.
Best Wishes,
(and Tyler and Lindsay)
Today he went to work for the first time.  
He had a little accident I guess he got nervous.
He pooped all over himself and the carpet.  
We cleaned it up and him and continued with the day.  
He is just awesome.   He is so funny in the morning he growls at us when
he wakes up so we will let him out
Oh he said to wish you a Happy Valentine day also.  He is so cute he has
learned to shake hands and does it with most people that come in.  He is
a good greeter.  He loves to play in his crate, he will even take food and
run into it to eat, then he takes off running as fast as he can. He does
make us laugh. My son just adores him and he adores my son. He cries
for him when he leaves.  He was very mad at him because he took him
for a final shot.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
He is asleep in mama's mail basket on Feb 22, 2012
They had their second vet visit this week
and are 100% healthy.
Lucy went to the beach with my wife and
Next up is their first grooming. These
puppies are the best gifts we could have
ever given ourselves. They are just
We truly love them.
Hi Sandy! I just wanted to give a
testimonial on behalf of the Strom family
and let you to know that Rupert is the
cutest - my family is absolutely obsessed
with him. I cannot believe that it has been
almost 2 years since we got him for my
parents! My mom and my dad are enamored
with him and cannot imagine their lives
without him. After all that craziness, my
mom and dad are SO grateful that they
have him.
Thank you Sandy and Bobbie for my sweet baby boy! Everyone in my family is madly in love with him. Besides being
adorable, he is smart and obedient. It was obvious that you invested a lot of time and care with him. He adjusted
easily to such a big change when he came to us. This is truly a testament to your skills as a breeder. You have done
an incredible job at raising him and I Barbara C.
Sadie is the perfect puppy for our family.  After much research
DogGonePuppies online.  We took a chance in driving the 5 hours to
Billings Missouri, to meet the puppy that we fell in love with
online.  After just a short time with her, we could see that she
was loved by the owner of DogGonePuppies, and that showed in
clean bill of health and commented on her sweet personality.  
While it is always a challenge to have a puppy in the home, she was
partially housebroken by DogGonePuppies, which has helped the
process immensely.  We highly recommend DogGonePuppies.

Thanks again, Sandy.
“It’s the person who likes to pat dogs to whom dogs come for pats.”
I cannot say enough about sandy and her puppies. I got a Maltese 12/26/13 and when she arrived at the airport
and popped out that carrier, she popped right into my heart, she came with a dvd of her from a baby which shows
how much love and caring goes into her babies time with her till they find their permanent homes.
If you are looking for a new addition to your family I honestly
feel that you cannot do better anywhere else, the love in Sandy’s
heart for all her babies is so very obvious and would highly
recommend sandy to one and all.
You will get a healthy loving new baby from sandy.

God bless you sandy and continue your job of love and caring.

Blessings to all at DogGonePuppies
Hi Sandy,

Did you know that this little Rosco is the most perfect creature in
the world?  Haha.   :)

I AM IN LOVE! He's making me so happy; he's a gift from
heaven!  He follows me everywhere, plays and kisses nonstop.
wee-wee pad on a regular basis.  He's also eating well, and making
nice, healthy poops regularly; although, no poops on the wee-wee
pad yet (but we'll get there!).  
He barely makes any noises... except for a few playful/cute little
barks when playing with Ivy.  Ivy is also being amazing with him!
Ivy is been more alert and playful, so that makes me so happy.  I
think they'll be napping and cuddling in 1-2 days :)

Last night, he went to bed without any bit of crying or yapping at
all.  He goes (on his own) for naps in his little home I created
(a.k.a his crate ).  So, I can tell that he's very comfortable, and
feeling at home here!  He came to me as the happiest puppy I've
ever seen, and he is the happiest puppy still!  

Mar 31, 2014
Hi Sandy...Just wanted to say what a
little joy Rikki is, just wonderful.  He is
beautiful, loving, obedient, caring and we
are so happy and blessed to have him.
Everything is just perfect!  He started
puppy school today ( Not that he really
needs it ) I have been with Rikki
everyday since I've got him, he goes
everywhere with me. All in All Rikki is
just perfect and a keeper we love him so
very, very much.
I couldn't have asked for better.
He's just perfect!
Dear Sandy,

Thank you so much for two of the best Maltese Puppies in the world!!!!
As a mom to 8 dogs (4 Maltese & 4 shiba inus), I know my Maltese breed
pretty well.  You can always tell the quality of the breeder by the dog. You
have given us two of the most precious (best quality Maltese)
Puppies we can ever dream of!
The love and care you provide them truly shows in their disposition.  
Not to mention the pre-socialization and training as a puppy.  
They are not just adorable, smart and trainable but super healthy
(according to 2 vet checks!) affectionate & loving!!     
It is not easy introducing new dogs into an existing group of dogs but your
pups fit right in like they have always been a part of this family!!!  Truly
We can't thank you enough for our two love bugs (Emi & Maddy).  

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