Shipping includes the air fare, crate and health certificate.  
We also send along health records, and a sample of the feed.  
If we have to ship a larger puppy we will have to charge more for shipping.
You can ship two same size puppies in one crate!

The pet transporters we use to help get your puppy safely to their new family and has
32 years experience shipping by air, service from over 150 airports,
computerized airline planning, fast friendly service, competitive rates,
year round shipping and red eye flights available to many cities,
pickup and delivery service available, corporate relocation services,
toll free reservation line & online reservations.


Snub-nosed puppies are no longer able to fly to their new homes alone in cargo.
Please be aware that snub-nosed breeds will need to travel in-cabin with a chaperone or with a ground
transporter. Breeds include ShihTzu Mal-Shi Shi-Poo

Air flights are $350.00
Ground transportation is $500.00
Nanny transportation is $600.00.

NOTE: In the case of a meetup to a preset public location. .58 cents per mile.
Mileage and deposit MUST be paid thru pay-pal before we head out.
(The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released Notice 2019-02 providing the 2019 standard mileage rates.
Beginning January 1, 2019, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car
(vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be: 58 cents per mile for business miles driven.)

No photos may be copied or reproduced without our express permission. No exceptions.
There are scammers out there generally from out of the United States who have stolen photos from our websites  and other reputable
breeders and try to pass them off as their own.
The safest way is to buy only from breeders who own their own websites and can accept PayPal credit cards.
Where there is a paper trail of who they are.
If prices seem too Low that should be an immediate tip off. Good is not cheap and cheap is not good.
Please notify us immediately if you find our puppy photos have been stolen!
Thank You!

We strive to provide affordable, professional animal transportation
in the most convenient and stress-free for our customer and their babies.

Air flights are $350.00
Ground transportation is $500.00
Nanny transportation is $600.00.
*Prices subject to change

We use Ozarks Jet a Pet and fur babies transporters ground and nanny
transportation is new to us so bless bare with us as we learn our options.
With some limitation locations.
"Life is short ... play with your Doggie"

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