Have you wondered what exactly a Maltipoo dog is?

There are over 300 purebred dogs in the world.  A purebred is a dog that has its own set standards for commonly
known as mutts...that are dogs of mixed crossing, sometimes along many generations....For example a bull dog bred
with a Shepard....and one of those puppies mates with a Poodle....this produces  a "mixed mutt".  There are many
mixed dogs of unknown origin, simply because too many different breeds were crossed and without genetic
testing, the bloodlines of the dog will remain unknown. For those dogs, appearance may allow a person to make an
educated guess as to which breed is most prevalent.

Then, there are hybrid dogs, also known as designer dogs. The Maltipoo is in this category. What makes these
different than the above 2 mentioned types?  They are a puppies that are purposely bred, with one parent being a
certain purebred and the other parent being a certain purebred.  Consistency is a must.  In the case of a Maltipoo,
the parents are always a Poodle (usually a toy and sometimes a miniature) and a Maltese.

Both dam and sire are AKC recognized dog breeds, and the resulting litter are not AKC recognized, but do have
their own standards of appearance, color, weight size, etc.   "True" Maltipoos will be 1st generation.   This means
that if you produce 2 and allow them to mate, the new litter will be 2nd generations...as their parents were not the
toy Poodle and the Maltese.

One must remember that there are 2 sizes of the Poodle breed and only the smallest, the Toy, is used for
breeding this designer dog.  

Those who are pushing for this breed to be recognized as its own, advocate the importance of having only 1st
generation dogs until the breed is well standardized.

Why Many People are "Pro" Maltipoo

While some people do not advocate the mixing of different breeds, it is a good time to mention that all of the
breeds we know and love today are the result of the same type of breeding as the Maltipoo is.   And some well
known breeds are the result of even more aggressive mixed breeding. An example is the Pomeranian.  The Pom is a
tiny toy sized dog.  His ancestors were large, white Spitz type sled dogs. Only through many generations of
breeding the large sled dogs with a variety of small dogs of various color do we now have the Pom: a small dog that
can be found in over 20 different coat colors.

At certain points in history,  the purposeful mixing of different breeds with the goal of producing a certain dog
(size, color, appearance, temperament) is what has given us the hundreds of purebred dogs that we now love so
much.  When care and consideration is taken and the goal to produce healthy, quality puppies is met,  pairing a toy
Poodle and a Maltese to produce Maltipoo puppies may someday be looked upon as a great endeavor that brought
about yet another purebred.


There is a increasing acceptance of hybrid dogs. While these practices were once labeled "backyard breeder"
type methods, a growing population is now understanding that the careful pairing of certain breeds can be a
well-meaning endeavor, meant to give the world a new breed.   While groups strive to end puppy mill
establishments (and they should be well applauded for doing so) and the AKC works diligently to maintain strong
bloodlines with the breeds that are now currently recognized, there are groups of hard working people who work
tirelessly to bring about a goal that may not even be met in their lifetime: For the Maltipoo to be recognized as its
own breed.  The Maltipoo is very popular in the United States, Canada and the UK.  Out of all of the different
hybrid dogs, the Maltipoo ranks in the top 5 of these 3 countries.


At this stage in the "creation" of this hybrid dog, the appearance of the Maltipoo varies quite a bit.  As time goes
by, with proper breeding practices followed and most (if not all) breeders striving toward the same goal, the
Maltipoo will someday have a much stricter standard.   With this said, there here are the stats for the Maltipoo:

Weight: 5-12 lbs (2.27-5.44 kg).  You may notice that this range is a bit larger than a lot of other breeds.  This is
because the Maltipoo is a relatively new hybrid dog....As time goes by , range will most likely not vary so much.

Height: 14 inches average (35.56 cm)....this is the average and can vary from 12 to 16 inches in most cases.

Life Expectancy: 15 years  - Again an average....some small dogs live up to 18 years and in rare cases even longer.

Average Litter Size: 4-6 puppies -  It is not unusual to have 1 pup...however the maximum is almost always 6

Color - This is where it gets quite interesting!   The Maltipoo can be found in a metaphorical rainbow of colors.  
While one parent (the Maltese) is a pure white dog (in rare cases and without excellent breeding, a cream
color)....The other parent (the toy Poodle) comes in a huge range of colors.

Therefore, the Maltipoo will be a toned down coat color of the following:

Apricot, black, blue (appears black but skin pigmentation -nose, eye rims, lips and paw pads- have a dark blue tint),
brown, cream, gray, tan, orange, red, silver.  The majority of Maltipoo dogs are multi colored (also referred to as
parti-colored) which means that the coat holds more than one color.   Some Maltipoos are one solid color.   The most
popular color is white and the rarest is black....this is because black is dominant and almost always overpowers the
white genes.

The coat will either be soft and silky or long and wavy....Those who are not bred well will have a wiry coat.    
“My little dogs ... heartbeats at my feet.”

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