Hi Sandy
Sorry for the late reply...Our sweet baby is doing great!
She had VET appointment today, all is good.
I'll have Tony scan you the info you need tonight :)
Yes! She is sleeping through the night.
She wakes around 5:30am, so I'm up with her.
(its just like caring for a baby)
We cant believe how good she is.. She doesn't cry or whine, totally a lover!
She also eating like 4-5 times a day..
night she feel asleep on the couch laying on her back with her two little front paws turned under, we carried her up to our
bedroom like that and she didn't move! Sooo cute, I'll take a picture next time she does it..
We have yet to look at the CD you sent along with her,
I'll let you know when we do..
You are more that welcome for the pictures, you have no clue how happy she has made us! I'll forward you some more photos with
her new shirt on :)
Take Care
Kendra and Tony and.... We are still working on a name for her :)
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We adore our little Lola. I've included a couple pictures and a link to a YouTube video where you can see her playing and
performing tricks.


best friends.
Thank you for sending us such a great little dog.
If you purchase a puppy from Sandy you will not be disappointed. Sandy is excellent in my book! I hold her in very high
standards and I have made a new friend.
Karen Lloyd & Maryland
You are AWESOME Sandy!!!
You can tell that my new baby was sociable. Not too mention  was so very clean and groomed...The highest rating I can give is a 5
but they are a 10 in my book!
Lisa, MA
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Thank you so much!
“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when
you go out the door without them.”
Dear Sandy:
I can’t begin to thank you for my little guy, Bubba.  He was obviously very loved before he came to be mine.  As a
first time dog owner, I can’t be more pleased with your guidance through the process.   I promise he continues to
be loved, and I will keep you posted as he grows.  You are the best!