About Our Photographer
“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…
It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

About our photographer! Have you heard about Bobbie?
She plays a huge role in our DogGonePuppies dream turned reality.
Bobbie may be in the background but what she does quietly and patiently
surely comes to light when you see our DogGonePuppies photo gallery.
Scroll through our gallery and take note that these babies are dressed
and ready to pose. Each puppy is treated with the ultimate care as they
are dressed to the nines for a photo shoot. From the time these babies
are born, Bobbie is there snapping away and capturing many beautiful
moments. From newborn shots to nursing shots, to playtime with their
mommies and siblings. When you adopt a DogGonePuppies you not only
get a new family member, you get those moments you missed before
they were a part of your family. Each puppy comes with a CD of baby
pictures. And photos with their mommy.
Besides our web site full of helpful information for a new dog parent, a fan favorite part of the
DogGonePuppies web site is the gallery of beautiful babies. Bobbie catches the true personality of
each baby. She decks them out accordingly and with utmost patience and love, catches the element of
the baby that might just be your new family member. Many a family has fallen in love just with a
picture and have just known that this is the right puppy for them. It's not about just the outfits
(which are too cute to even talk further) it's the way Bobbie has captured the perfect shots to help
you choose which baby is right for your family. Bobbie has a true talent and love for what she does.
Each puppy is loved on and socialized and ready for their forever home.
We are grateful for Bobbie and her help and love with the DogGonePuppies team!

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